What's Inspiring Me Now - Winter 2016
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Monday, February 29, 2016
By Stacie
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This month has been full of inspiration to me, which is a good thing. Sometimes I find the inspiration and creativity a little lacking, and I’ve come to realize that I just feel happier when I am feeling inspired.  I thought I’d take a moment to share with you some of the things that have brought me a bit of joy over the past month.




In the world of picture taking, everyone can be involved.  I decided to get back into the Instagram world, but was a little concerned that I’d end up not being able to figure out what to post or that I’d get bored and quit again. Enter CY365


CY365 is a project that encourages you to take a picture every single day.  A rather daunting task that can get overwhelming quickly.  You can do the project any way you like, but several years ago, Katrina Kennedy created a site that makes it so much easier - and fun!  She offers a list of prompts every month to get you going.  She also has paid versions that give you help with taking better photographs and delving deep into photography principles. For now, I just use the free prompts and set a reminder to take a picture that meshes with the prompt in some way.  I love it because you can interpret the prompts any way you like, you can go off-topic (no one will tell you that you’re doing it wrong), and you can follow the hashtag #cy365 on Instagram to be inspired even more.  The community is amazingly supportive of one another.  


Here are few of my posts from this past month:

You can see the rest of my posts, by going to my Instagram page. 

Color Schemes


I love seeing color schemes pop up on my Pinterest feed.  While I’m not planning a wedding, I find the color schemes showing wedding details are the most inspiring to me. 


Here are two of my favorites from this month:



You can find more like this at the Fabmood website.



You can find more like this by going to the ColorPalettes website.


You can see more by going to my Pinterest board on color schemes


Nature Challenge


A family friend challenged me to post one nature picture a day for a week on Facebook. I have started this, but haven’t gotten the film developed yet. So far, it has been a lot of fun doing something that seems very different to me from taking portraits. I am excited to see the film. 


What has been inspiring you recently? I'd love to hear - leave a comment!

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