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Stacie Crawford Photography is owned by me, Stacie Crawford, and is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland in Montgomery County.  Stacie Crawford Photography serves Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  Photography services include child photography, family photography, boudoir photography, headshot photography, and private school photography.

Stacie Crawford Photography focuses on capturing studio-style images that showcase connection and loving relationships.  I enjoy capturing the unique styles and passions of children and the special relationships within loving families - including extended family members like grandparents! I love empowering women during boudoir photography sessions that women come to as a gift for themselves or a loved one.  I create portrait sessions that demonstrate personality for model headshots, actor headshots, and business headshots.  I also do photography work for private schools, focusing on school picture day and event photography.

On top of all of that, I started two new projects in 2016.  I have created a custom specialty birthday session for the children who come to my studio, and I am excited to roll that out starting in January.  I have also created HERstory, a project that will celebrate and share wisdom between women.  I am still looking for women of all ages to participate in the project, so if you're interested, please contact me.  I expect to share the first HERstory featured woman in April.



Happy Birthday, Gus!
Thursday, February 25, 2016
By Stacie
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Gus came to get his birthday pictures done, and I was excited to see what he would choose to wear.  For a time, Gus only wore ties to school, because he said when he looked handsome, he acted like a gentleman.  Well, this gentleman is certainly growing up fast.

Gus is celebrating being 10 years old this month, and decided to go with the cool kid, pre-teen casual look.  It suits him well, since he’s a pretty cool kid! As part of the process for birthday sessions, I encourage parents to let their kids choose what they will wear for the session so we can remember what their true current personality was when we look back over the years.  

Gus was so easy to photograph. He did exactly what I requested of him, and even had a few ideas himself!

What a joy to have this boy in front of my camera!  His smile was contagious and bright.  I can’t wait to photograph him again!

To book your child’s birthday session with me, please call me at (240) 252-9236 or fill out my contact form here.

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Happy Birthday, Tiny!
Thursday, February 18, 2016
By Stacie
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Tiny came to my home studio in Gaithersburg all ready to take pictures to celebrate her recent birthday.  She’s five already!

Moments before heading out the door while mom was getting ready to leave, this sweet girl took it upon herself to do her own makeup - she was just so excited to be coming to the shoot!  We got lots of great shots of her with all her own makeup glory, and then a few without as much makeup on.  We could have taken it all off, but the whole point of a birthday session with me is to celebrate a capture the child’s true current personality.

Tiny is so full of energy, and loves to roll her own way.  She’s got her very own sense of style already! For this shoot, she even more two socks on one of her feet for good measure!

What a blast to photograph her! She was so much fun and so easy in front of the camera.  I can’t wait to photograph her again!

To book your child’s birthday session with me, please call me at (240) 252-9236 or fill out my contact form here.

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Introducing The Birthday Club
Tuesday, January 12, 2016
By Stacie
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One of my new projects this year is to launch the Stacie Crawford Photography Children’s Birthday Club.  I will be offering entry into the Birthday Club to every child that has been in a family or headshot session with me, including those who have family portrait sessions scheduled for later this year.  Here are the basics:


  •  Who:  Children who have or will be photographed by me in the past or later this year.
  •  What:  A complimentary photography session for the birthday child to document and celebrate this year’s birthday.
  •  Where:  At my in-home studio.
  •  When:  The month prior to the child’s birthday or the birthday month.
  •  How:  Email me at to set up an appointment and to hear more details on how to prepare for the birthday photography session.
  •  Why:  I believe children seeing their photographs on their walls in their homes naturally raises their self-confidence and sense of belonging.  The act of having a photo shoot that revolves only around them heightens the effect.


I wanted to create something that allows parents to celebrate each of their children individually, while making it affordable.  I believe that this program will allow families to economically add new customized pictures of their children to their walls or in display books.  Because my family photography clients invest in their family portrait sessions, I am able to offer this session to them as a gift.


I will be able to custom design wall collections based on the number of children that families have, as well as taking into account how many birthday years they’d like to display.  I will also be offering digital files, prints, and albums to them for purchase.  I am currently working on special types of products to be offered only to those participating in the Birthday Club, and am very excited about some of the things I will be able to offer.


If you’re interested in having your children participate in my Birthday Club, and you’ve already had your family photographs taken by me or have a session scheduled with me for this year, please email me so we can get you on the books.


If you haven’t had your family photographs taken by me yet, email me to schedule a session, and we can also plan your child’s Birthday Club session.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and welcome any questions you may have!