Happy Birthday, Tiny!
Thursday, February 18, 2016
By Stacie
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Tiny came to my home studio in Gaithersburg all ready to take pictures to celebrate her recent birthday.  She’s five already!

Moments before heading out the door while mom was getting ready to leave, this sweet girl took it upon herself to do her own makeup - she was just so excited to be coming to the shoot!  We got lots of great shots of her with all her own makeup glory, and then a few without as much makeup on.  We could have taken it all off, but the whole point of a birthday session with me is to celebrate a capture the child’s true current personality.

Tiny is so full of energy, and loves to roll her own way.  She’s got her very own sense of style already! For this shoot, she even more two socks on one of her feet for good measure!

What a blast to photograph her! She was so much fun and so easy in front of the camera.  I can’t wait to photograph her again!

To book your child’s birthday session with me, please call me at (240) 252-9236 or fill out my contact form here.

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HERstory Update - February 2016
Monday, February 15, 2016
By Stacie
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I received so much encouragement on facebook and over email when I posted about starting a personal project celebrating women and their stories. So many women asked to hear more about the project, and quite a few sent the information to the women in their lives that they thought would be wonderful women to celebrate. I am so excited that women are interested, because I am asking a lot from those participating - multiple questionnaires that take time to answer, full of questions that dig deeper into telling their stories, and finally,  I will photograph them and share their stories here on my blog.


So far, I have eight women on the “definitely participating” list.  I am planning to start sharing their stories in April.  Each month, I will be sharing one woman’s stories and images. So far, I have enough to get through November!  I can't believe I only need one more woman to fill my entire rest of 2016. I am looking for more women to participate. I am hoping to continue the project into 2017 with a whole new group of women. 


If you are or know someone who might like to participate, please contact me by leaving a comment below or sending me an email at I am really looking forward to start sharing these amazing stories!


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Momlife: Celebrating Valentine's Day With Kids
Thursday, February 11, 2016
By Stacie
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This year, Valentine’s Day falls over a long weekend for my kids.  The plan is for them to be with their dad, since I got to have them over their long weekend in January.  I think this may be the first Valentine’s Day that I won’t be with my kidlets.  I will miss them, but I am okay with it for two reasons: they will be so happy enjoying their time with their dad, and we celebrated together before they went with their dad.  We made sure they had Valentines cards for their dad and his girlfriend, and then we went to work making Valentine blueberry muffins.  Its a small way for us to celebrate and share the holiday.  

I usually try to figure out a way to celebrate most holidays with them, even when we won’t be together on the day itself.  I started this right after their dad and I separated, as a way to show them that the day of celebrating can be arbitrary, and the holiday itself is how you spend it with your family and friends.


My kids are big fans of scavenger hunts, mazes, cooking, and games.  Sounds like a lot of work, right? Thanks to Pinterest, its so easy to find printables, even the day of the holiday itself. Yes, Pinterest can allow us to wait until the very last minute and still look like a rock star parent!  This year, the kidlets had these fun activities waiting for them when they got home from school:

-Scavenger hunts from Mom On The Side and Blessed Beyond A Doubt 

-Word search from Simply Kelly Designs  

-Maze from


I like to mix the activities inside the scavenger hunt so it makes the shorter hunts take a bit longer! This one was hiding with a clue in the dish cupboard!



Yes! I even put one under my kitchen table waiting to be discovered!


I know some of my friends are like me wondering often what to do to make the day special for their kids, so I just wanted to share some of what we did last night together.  You can check out my Pinterest board for more ideas for making it a happy Valentine’s Day for your sidekicks.  Do you have something special that you do with your children to celebrate Valentine’s Day? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Corinne - Boudoir Photography Session
Tuesday, February 09, 2016
By Stacie
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This is my friend, Corinne, who I photographed this past summer. Corinne and I were pretty good friends in high school.  We had activities that we did together, and we just clicked.  I'm sure it is because we both have a slightly wicked sense of humor.  I hadn't seen Corinne in over twenty years.  When we decided to do a shoot together, I was really excited to see her, and be around her energy.


I was so shocked to find out that she hadn't had a professional portrait done of herself since her son was eight years old.  Imagine my shock when I found out that her son is already twenty! First of all, wow, having a twenty year old child and looking like this was amazing to me.  Second of all, where had the time gone?


Corinne is full of spunk and energy, and when we saw each other, it felt like we just picked up right where we left off all those years ago. Because we both had traveled to meet up, she brought tons of outfits to choose from, along with hats, shoes, and jewelry.  We spent a bit of time going through everything, trying to decide what outfits would be the most fun to photograph her in.  Once we decided on the outfits, we also spent some time discussing the progression of her makeup through the boudoir session.



After we had our plan, Corinne went to work on her hair and makeup while I set up my lights, and planned some poses based on our choices. We laughed so hard while we were catching up with one another. I love how her eyes sparkle when she's happy!



Once she was prepared, we started plowing through our outfit choices.  Ironically, both of our "let's see how this looks" outfits ended up being our favorite images from the sessions.  She and I agreed, though, that the hardest part of the session was staying focused since we were having such a good time together!



The best part of working with Corinne was her attitude toward the whole session.  She was excited to try just about anything I asked her to do, and trusted that even if it felt weird, it would probably look great in an image!



Thank you, Corinne, for an amazingly fun session.  Thank you for letting me share some of your gorgeous images!  I can't wait to see you again!

Enjoying the Time Together - Family Photography Session
Thursday, February 04, 2016
By Stacie
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Montgomery County, Maryland Family Photography With Stacie Crawford Photography


Recently, I was asked to donate my services to a local elementary school auction.  The lovely lady who was my contact was so very passionate about the event that I suggested to photograph her family so she’d be able to speak more directly about her own experience to bidders at the auction.

Montgomery County, Maryland Family Photography With Stacie Crawford Photography


This family was so sweet - it was apparent right from the start that they enjoyed being with one another.  They made faces at each other while we were doing the sessions.  I loved seeing them teach each other, and have fun together.

Montgomery County, Maryland Family Photography With Stacie Crawford Photography


When I asked her after the session what the hardest part was, she said it was deciding what to wear. “We wanted everyone to be complementary in the colors but not exactly the same.  We were originally planning to have all of us in black or grey, but in the end I am happy that we brought the red in because it brings a pop of color to the pictures.”

Montgomery County, Maryland Family Photography With Stacie Crawford Photography


The session was very relaxed.  It went quickly because Stacie knew how to pose us to get the shots.  It was much easier and less stressful than I anticipated.  When I saw the pictures I was pleased.  I think the pictures capture us well.”

Montgomery County, Maryland Family Photography With Stacie Crawford Photography


Thank you for a wonderful session!