Introducing The Birthday Club
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016
By Stacie
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One of my new projects this year is to launch the Stacie Crawford Photography Children’s Birthday Club.  I will be offering entry into the Birthday Club to every child that has been in a family or headshot session with me, including those who have family portrait sessions scheduled for later this year.  Here are the basics:


  •  Who:  Children who have or will be photographed by me in the past or later this year.
  •  What:  A complimentary photography session for the birthday child to document and celebrate this year’s birthday.
  •  Where:  At my in-home studio.
  •  When:  The month prior to the child’s birthday or the birthday month.
  •  How:  Email me at to set up an appointment and to hear more details on how to prepare for the birthday photography session.
  •  Why:  I believe children seeing their photographs on their walls in their homes naturally raises their self-confidence and sense of belonging.  The act of having a photo shoot that revolves only around them heightens the effect.


I wanted to create something that allows parents to celebrate each of their children individually, while making it affordable.  I believe that this program will allow families to economically add new customized pictures of their children to their walls or in display books.  Because my family photography clients invest in their family portrait sessions, I am able to offer this session to them as a gift.


I will be able to custom design wall collections based on the number of children that families have, as well as taking into account how many birthday years they’d like to display.  I will also be offering digital files, prints, and albums to them for purchase.  I am currently working on special types of products to be offered only to those participating in the Birthday Club, and am very excited about some of the things I will be able to offer.


If you’re interested in having your children participate in my Birthday Club, and you’ve already had your family photographs taken by me or have a session scheduled with me for this year, please email me so we can get you on the books.


If you haven’t had your family photographs taken by me yet, email me to schedule a session, and we can also plan your child’s Birthday Club session.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and welcome any questions you may have!

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